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July 28, 2004
Just released bug-fixing version 0.8.2:
- Craig Smedley fixed a bug that prevented lin-seti to work correctly with user home installations... Bug also reported by Frank Bax.
- Craig Smedley updated the script to its latest revision, added configuration options for it into the lin-setirc file.

June 26, 2004
Fixes and enhancements for version 0.8.1:
- Added init script for SourceMage linux, thanks to Andrea Spada
- Completed German language support, thanks (again) to Christian Otto-Lange
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Andrea Spada
- Fixed the --stop and --daemon features, which had problems if a stale PIDs file was present.
- Added script, which is a nice front-end to lin-seti that uses various messenger software to display status, upload results, ...
All the praise goes to Craig Smedley who provided us with this nice script.
- Added an init script for SuSE linux, thanks to Darren Robert Haagman
- Fixed/updated Mandrake init script, thanks to Oliver Friedrich.
- Fixed an annoying bug that made it impossible to create a cache larger than >~ 120)...
- Fixed a small glitch where some entries in the output of lin-seti -i were not always properly aligned...
- Check return value of seti client when transmitting, and exit if it failed...
- Allow user to change lin-seti default uid and gid.

I will no longer provide an ebuild for Gentoo Linux here. I recently became a developer of this great distro, so from now on I'll put the new ebuilds directly into the Portage tree!

March 18, 2004
After a long pause, here goes version 0.8.0:
- General code reorganization (practically a rewrite...)
- Project moved to autoconf/automake
- Added --verbose option to launch seti client in verbose mode
- Added --nice option to select seti client priority
- Added --graphics option to launch seti client in graphics mode
- Added German language support, thanks to Christian Otto-Lange
- Added ./configure option to force performing a system wide install (--enable-system-install). By default lin-seti will do such an install only if ./configure is run by root, otherwise all files will be installed in the home directory of the user that run ./configure
- Added support for creating a symlink from the cache item under analysis to a given path, this allows for external utilities like ksetispy to work correctly with lin-seti. You can use either [LINKTO] section in settings file or '--linkto' as a command line argument
- Reimplemented the '--stop' feature as old version sucked
- Added an initscript for Slackware (now supported: Slackware Redhat Mandrake Debian Gentoo)
- Many fixes and clean-ups

Here goes the Ebuild.
From this version on, I 'promote' lin-seti to Production/Stable level... enjoy!

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