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September 6, 2003
Just released lin-seti 0.7.6:
- updated RedHat script (script provided by Jing Tuo)
- added Debian init script (script and debian info by Matthias Grimm)
- removed ALL memory leaks

Ebuild sits here.

July 11, 2003
lin-seti 0.7.4 introduced a nasty bug that made lin-seti segfault under certain circumstances. So I released bugfix release 0.7.5. Sorry folks, it was my fault. Credits for finding the bug go to Jay Zach. Here goes the ebuild.

July 9, 2003
Just released version 0.7.4. Changes:
- Fixed a bug that made lin-seti segfault because of missing checks when reading files from disk, thanks to Jing Tuo.
- Fixed a bug in cache enlargement: directories created had wrong permissions, thus preventing non-root users that installed lin-seti to access them, thanks to Matt Barras.

Ebuild is here.

April 11, 2003
A new version, yet again!

News in lin-seti 0.7.3:
-Fixed two memory leaks, thanks to Jing Tuo.
-Fixed some segfaults, thanks to Jing Tuo.
- If no program id is given via command line argument or program file, the program will now use the default "lin-seti" instead of crashing.
- Changed slightly cache resizement code: now, when transmitting a work unit and cache size is to be reduced, this wu is removed immediately (if this is possible).
- When out of work units, lin-seti will now try to send and receive before quitting.
- New section [DEFAULT_ARGS] <arguments> in settings file. If no arguments are given via the command line and [DEFAULT_ARGS] is defined, then <arguments> are used as command line arguments.

Ebuild is here. Hopefully this version solves all crash related problems... Feedback, as always, is welcome!

April 2, 2003
A new version? Again? What the heck! I updated just yesterday!

Version 0.7.2 fixes a bug that prevented lin-seti 0.7.1 from running on Sparc (and maybe other) machines. Ebuild is here. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Note to users updating from 0.6xx series: please update your config file, otherwise the program will crash on start!

April 1, 2003
Just released version 0.7.1. In this version many internal functions have been rewritten in order to increase performance and reduce overhead. All users are encouraged to switch to this version. I also removed old versions from Sourceforge web site. Here lies the ebuild. I submitted it to the Gentoo staff for inclusion in Portage tree.

Update: it appears this version has problems on Sparc architecture (or at least on the Sparc machine I administer). While I am working on this, sparc users should use version 0.7.0. Feedback is welcome: does it work on your Sparc machine?

March 27, 2003
lin-seti 0.7.0 is released!

This version sports major changes in the cache management system in order to achieve 100% compatibility with SETI Driver. Ebuild is here. I also tweaked the Makefile to make it aware of Gentoo Linux CFLAGS.

Note: SETI Driver must be version or higher for this to work. Previous versions were not aware of other cache managers. Many thanks to Michael D. Ober for his work!

Other note: users upgrading from previous versions of lin-seti, please check and update your configuration file, for there is a new section in it; also, go to your cache dir and rename the dir 'linux' to 'max+1', where 'max' is then highest-number directory present.

March 22, 2003
OK, I and Michael reached an accord... so I'm now officially working on a new version with improved SETI Driver support!

March 21, 2003
I'm having a discussion with Michael D. Ober, creator of SETI Driver, about cache management. This should eventually lead to a new version of both our programs for better (and simpler) compatibility. For now, I just discovered that lin-seti is 100% compatible with SETI Driver provided you enable its "Use Seti Spy" option. Otherwise lin-seti is not able to determine what work unit is being analyzed by windows, and there is the risk that this wu is started again. When we reach an accord, all this will be fixed.

I'm happy to announce that my ebuild for Gentoo Linux is now in the Portage tree and marked as stable (for x86 and sparc architectures)! So you gentooers can just emerge lin-seti and you are ready to go!

March 19, 2003
Just released lin-seti 0.6.1

This version only has some tweaks in Makefile to make it compatible with Gentoo Linux ebuild system. I also created an ebuild and submitted it to the Gentoo team for inclusion in Portage tree. In the meanwhile you can grab it here.

March 18, 2003
Finally, a new version!

I just released lin-seti 0.6.0. This includes:
-Various bug-fixing.
-Makefile support. Finally you can install the program with make - make install!
-Automatic detection of CPU for compile optimization
-Automatic detection of distribution for init script. Actually, this works only for Gentoo/Mandrake/Redhat.
-Scripts for ACPI and APM systems to allow automatic start/stop of lin-seti when switching between battery and AC power.

March 13, 2003
This project is not dead, yet.
I'm about to release a new version, which will contain some bug fixes, and (finally) makefile support, which will automatically perform a system install (with init scripts and so on) if user is root, or a home directory install for any other user. So... stay tuned!

Note: I would really like this program to 'speak' some languages other than English and Italian... if someone is interested in translating it, please contact me . It's just a matter of writing a text file...

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