by Michele Noberasco
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What is lin-seti?
lin-seti is a command-line program allowing the user to mantain a cache of work units for the Seti@Home client. It should run without any problem on unix-like systems, including linux. It is designed to be fully compatible with SETI Driver (a similar software for Windows), so you can share the same cache on dual boot systems. Of course you can use it stand-alone, too.

Points of strength:
-It works
-Can be installed system wide or inside a user's home directory
-Can run as system daemon (so you don't need to be logged in)
-Coexists nicely with other monitoring utilities like ksetispy or wmsetimon
-Cache management compatible with SETI Driver for Windows
-Multilanguage support (right now: English, Italian and German)
-Autodetection of optimal optimization settings for your CPU
-Autodetection of linux distribution for init script installation (right now: debian gentoo mandrake redhat slackware)
-Also supported by wmpower to allow automatic stop/startup of Seti client when your machine switches to/from battery and AC power

None that I know of...
On my machine (and a few others) it has run without any problem for some months. These machines are always powered on, and the client never stopped :-). Of course, if you think you have found a bug please e-mail me and I'll do what I can to fix it.

-Add SMP support
-(Maybe) add support for managing a database compatible with setispy...

What is SETI@home?
SETI@home is a distributed computing project born with the purpose of analyzing radio data coming from space, looking for signs of extraterrestrial life.
Officially launched in May 1999, it has become today the most popular distibuted computing project, counting more than three millions registered users.